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Ranking The Best Head Coaching Jobs In The AAC

Because your opinion is the only one that is right and arguing is fun.

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Looking at the heading coaching job rankings done for Conference USA and the Sun Belt, it was clear that a ranking of the jobs in the American Athletic Conference must be done. So, I threw out a question on the Underdog Dynasty Slack.

How should the AAC head coaching jobs get ranked from 1-12?

A couple of answers quickly came in before the floodgates opened. Slack became a warzone of opinions ranging from where to put Navy, ranking basketball schools for a football job, and whether Houston had put any distance away from every other team in the battle for #1.

One thing became very clear when taking a look at each of the head coaching jobs. There is no better time to be a head coach in the AAC than now. Houston was the G5 New Year's Six Bowls representative, thrashing Florida State in the Peach Bowl. Cincinnati (2x), Connecticut, and Central Florida have also played at the highest stage in "BCS" Bowl games in the past.

Programs that struggled in 2015 like Central Florida and Tulane landed the highly coveted Scott Frost (UCF) and Willie Fritz (Tulane) from other programs. The simple fact that Fritz left his highly successful tenure at Sun Belt power Georgia Southern to take the job at Tulane speaks volumes.

Despite starting our list after both the Sun Belt and CUSA, many of the top Group of Five jobs in college football are sitting in this conference. Just like Conference USA and the Sun Belt Conference, we considered tradition, facilities, location, budget, and other intangible factors such as fan support and administrative leadership in our rankings.

We will get our Cheetos and beer and strap in to a mythical NCAA Football 16, attempting to figure out what program would be best to take as a head coach build into a dynasty. In the real world, if you got a chance to put your best head coach hat (or visor), where would you want to go?

We will also look at the aspects of taking over the job in real life and what could possess you to lead one of these programs.

Do you go with the tradition and honor of leading the Naval Academy, the Air Raid offense of East Carolina, leading the H-Town Takeover, or keeping a program like Memphis relevant in the post Justin Fuente years?

Our complex algorithm and group of top contributors in their fields came up with the official Underdog Dynasty head coaching job rankings for the AAC. We will roll out every team in the conference, making our case for why they are ranked in their final position.

Before we get started with our countdown, we want to hear from you, AAC fans! Let us know who your preferred American Athletic Conference job would be and why in the comments, and let's have ourselves one hell of a debate.