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Florida International Stepped its Game Up for its 2016 Game Poster

Miami skyline? check. Sweet reflection effect off of visor? Got that there. A winning season? We'll get back to you on that one....

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

In the space between the end of the spring and the start of the regular season, most teams release some type of schedule poster to get fans a little excited during a time most people spend watching other sports.

Florida International University Football took time this week to showcase their collaboration with OldHat Creative for their 2016 poster, which is honestly one of the best looking ones out of Conference USA so far this year:

Just looking at stylistic choices, the inclusion of the Miami skyline comes off as a great pick when looking at the cohesiveness of the whole poster. Combine that with the FIU font and the sweet reflection effect on the helmet visor and that is one mean looking piece of work.

Since 2014, the Golden Panthers have seemingly stepped up their design game every subsequent season. During their first year of partnership with OldHat, they released a whole series of posters featuring quarterback Alex McGough, cornerback Richard Leonard, tight end Jonnu Smith and defensive end Michael Wakefield.

In a weird coincidence, FIU has also improved their record in each year since 2014. It may finally be time for head coach Ron Turner and company to surrender to the power of the poster if the trend continues.