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Ranking the Best Head Coaching Jobs in the Sun Belt

Because arguing about subjective things and opinions is fun, y'all.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft has come and gone, which means we are truly in the dog days of the college football offseason. What better way to spend it than putting lists together that involve complex and nuanced criteria and then arguing ourselves silly about them?

As we all know, the SBC is home to a handful of truly woeful jobs that get mentioned as some of the hardest in all of FBS, a few schools where we really don't know what they're capable of yet, and some truly underrated gems that could knock--or have knocked--even the strongest Power 5 behemoth to its knees.

Our Conference USA friends may have beat us to the punch in getting their series off the ground, but our debates will burn brightest with the hot takes from our #SunBeltHeat. Just like them, we considered tradition, facilities, location, budget, and other intangible factors such as fan support and administrative leadership in our rankings.

So if all things were even and you were able to boot up a mythical copy of NCAA Football 16, who would you try and build into a dynasty? In the real world, if you got a chance to put your best head coach hat (or visor), where would you want to go?

Would you opt for the newfound athletics powerhouse at Arkansas State, to rebuild old powerhouse at Troy, or would you enjoy taking all the Bayou talent of Louisiana-Lafayette and beating up on the 'Belt? Would you opt for the college town oasis that is San Marcos and Texas State, the potential at South Alabama and Georgia State, or would you want to lead the FCS to FBS surges taking place at Appalachian State or Georgia Southern? Or would you really want a true challenge?

Before we get started with our countdown, we want to hear from you, Sun Belt fans! Let us know who your preferred Sun Belt job would be and why in the comments, and let's have ourselves one hell of a debate.