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UCF Announces New Video Boards And They Are Awesome

UCF will be adding new LED displays at Bright House Networks Stadium and CFE Arena; the new display at BHNS will be 640% as large as the video screen it will replace.

UCF Athletics Communications

This off season, UCF seems to be doing everything right to move on from a depressing and dull 2015 campaign. A new AD in Danny White. A savvy and exciting hire in Scott Frost (who in turn reeled in a recruiting class that was a triumph under the circumstances). A spring game with a tremendous atmosphere and new uniforms that are positively Oregon-esque.

Add another upgrade to the list. A new video board is coming to Bright House Networks Stadium (and one to CFE Arena as well) and they look to be a serious improvement:

The new LED display at the stadium is going to be 4,104 square feet -€” over 640% larger than the current video display. The south end zone will also have a "ribbon" display 33.6 feet wide by 19.1 feet high.

A great move for UCF, and one likely not motivated solely from a fan experience perspective. One has to surmise that this facilities improvement is also partly designed to increase UCF's attractiveness to the Big 12. That's consistent with UCF President John Hitt's recent comments about the ability to expand BHNS seating to 60,000 within the next two years, and it being important for the Big 12 to know as that (at around 1:09):

Whatever the motivation, it’s a good look for UCF.