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Game of Bones: A Song of Heartbreak and Triumph

Introducing our new Game of Bones story series.

Game of Bones
Game of Bones
Adrian Bermudez

The college gridiron is an unforgiving battlefield, where every week stories of heartbreak and triumph are etched into the stones of history.

Legions of furious fans cry for the blood of their enemies and live to share the tales of war amongst their peers.  Some legends and myths live through the ages; others become long forgotten as the pain is simply too much to bear.

Welcome to the Game of Bones, where we'll be revisiting these monumental moments.

Games that captured our hearts and gave us a reason to believe, a reason to fight, and brought us glory that we thought was beyond reach.

Games that crushed our hopes, destroyed our dreams, and caused dynasties to crumble.

These games are looked at through the scope of HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones.  A show that's captivated viewers with a never-ending war fueled by pride, betrayal, love, hatred, glory, and an inevitable doom.

We'll be taking those same jaw-dropping moments and apply them to the very real moments that dropped our own: when we had our hearts crushed and when we crushed the hearts of our enemies.

The true essence of the moment we're attempting to capture is the finale of season three's gut-wrenching episode, "The Rains of Castamere", in an event popularly known by fans as The Red Wedding.


The scene was the ultimate shock, as Robb Stark - fan favorite and King of North - is betrayed by Lord Walder Frey and Roose Bolton when the two signal a surprise ambush and murder Stark, his wife, his mother, his dog, and all of his men.  The efforts of the northern army ended immediately as evil bloodily triumphed over good.  Many viewers had to take a break from the show following the unfortunate turn of events.

We'll be looking at our teams as both the victims of the Red Wedding and those that led the ambush to tear the hearts out of others.

When you play the Game of Bones, you win or you die.  There is no middle ground.