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Navy Gives Keenan Reynolds Permission To Play In The NFL

The record-breaking Midshipmen quarterback can now sign and play for the Baltimore Ravens.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Keenan Reynolds, who broke too many records to count in his time as Navy quarterback, is heading to the league.

As originally reported on by the Dan Patrick show, Reynolds will be assigned to the Naval Reserve Force in order to fulfill his post-graduate service, but will be able to sign and play for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens drafted Reynolds with the 182nd pick in the 6th round of the NFL Draft, despite the uncertainty of whether he could ever play.

In extreme circumstances, the United States Navy will allow exceptional student athletes to make a career playing professionally by flexing their rules.

For the Navy, having Reynolds play in the NFL is worth the good publicity as a walking recruiting billboard. Army found out what bad publicity could do after the Caleb Campbell fiasco in 2008.

The leniency of the Navy is noticeable in recent years as in the past, former Midshipmen still had to complete their service even when they've been exceptional athletes. Most notably was David Robinson, who had to serve two years (reduced from four) before playing with the San Antonio Spurs in the late 80's.

Reynolds' teammate Chris Swain was allowed to sign as an undrated free agent by San Diego, which makes sense since San Diego is a huge Navy city.