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One day Charlotte will be one of the best jobs in Conference USA

If you like the idea of having things named in your honor because of how great you were then Charlotte is your type of job.

Justin Lape

In middle school me and my friends used to play a game in which we guess which of the ugly girls in our classes would become a beautiful woman. A horrible game? Yes. But as 13-year olds we could have been talking about much worse.

Anyway, one of the girls who one of my friends guessed, actually turned out to be stunning when we were on our way to college. One day I asked him knowing what he knows now, that if he could go back to middle school would he try and go out with her. His response: "No way man. She was ugly."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Charlotte 49ers head coaching job is that unattractive kid in middle school. Its new so by nature nobody speaks to the new kid. But just you wait Charlotte, one day you're gonna have coaches begging at your door step for a chance to be your boyfriend, I mean head coach.


  • The city of Charlotte is one of the most major cities in the south so if you're going to start a college football program why not do it in the Queen City. Close to Atlanta, not too far from the DMV, finding players shouldn't be that much of an issue.
  • Charlotte wants a football team. The 49ers have only been a football program for three years but they are here because The Board of Trustees of UNC Charlotte want them so there are zero problems in terms of support.


  • You're starting from the ground up and there is no program history to fall back on. You're making it as you go and after a terrible debut season in CUSA there will be more rocky ones to come before you start winning.
  • Can Charlotte become a football school in a basketball state? East Carolina and Appalachian State have done well in carving out a niche as a football school but the rest of the FBS schools in the state beg to differ whether it can be done.

Making the case for why Charlotte should be higher: Justin Lape, UDD Charlotte Beat Writer

Although the current state of the Charlotte 49ers looks rough, it still remains an attractive spot for any incoming coach. Charlotte remains one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast and the country. Construction has been underway to extend Charlotte's LYNX Blue Line light rail which will bring more fans to the stadium itself without having to deal with pesky parking.

On the football side, there is plenty of talent for in-state recruiting. It may be hard to compete against in-state programs such as UNC and East Carolina but the program will attract its fair share of recruits over time. The draw of playing in a major city in front of a rapidly growing student body will attract recruits in droves for years to come. The student body supported the team pretty well during their abysmal 2-10 campaign last season so optimism remains plentiful around the school as the program is still very young.

Bottom line, Charlotte deserves to be higher on the list as any incoming candidate will be able to leave behind a legacy if they stick with the "process." The support around the team will continue to grow as patience will be displayed in order to prosper long term.

If you were playing NCAA Football in an online dynasty...

You choose the Charlotte job because you are in search for a challenge. You will definitely be working with one of the worst rosters in the game so any hope of short-term success is out the window. Your buddies are picking hard jobs too so the playing field is even but you're definitely gonna complain when discussions focus on who has the most wins in their career .

It'll be all about 'crootin for the first two years and rest assured you love the recruiting aspect the game offers because relying on the computer to get you athletes will have you stuck with one star and two stars forever. Keep scouring the recruiting board for those un-recruited kids buddy.

If you choose this job in real life...

You see the upside the Charlotte job offers. You also see that being the first coach to ever win there will earn you a ton of legacy points when your career is over with.

Everything will be built in your image. The football program is young so you're creating every football tradition on the go which is pretty cool.

Its all about the long run for you though as this is not a three-year gig. You may not win as fast as you would like but if you build Charlotte the right way it will pay off down the road as you could say in interviews that you built Charlotte from the ground up.


Due to Charlotte being such a young program its in wait-and-see mode. There are many jobs in CUSA that are located in major cities and Charlotte is one of them. The upside is there for it to be one of the best programs in CUSA but first someone has to build the foundation.

The talent gap between Charlotte and CUSA is huge right now. Being in CUSA East makes the job tougher as everyone else is working with better foundations to build a program. It is going to take time before Charlotte is able to compete in CUSA which means a lot of losses will be on the horizon.

As Bill Connelly loves to say hard jobs will remain difficult, but Charlotte shouldn't be that hard of a job down the road. It's just a hard job right now.

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