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College Football Dictionary

Getting ready for the college football season? Brush up on your terminology with our college football dictionary.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Getting acquainted to the world of college football can be difficult if you're new to the game. In the course of one game, commentators will say a slew of phrases and terms that can result in losing track of the game if you're not properly educated. But don't you worry, we have compiled a handy list of common phrases to keep you informed and ready for the fall.

Student Section

[stood-nt] [sek-shuh n]

The section of the stadium with fans that protect traditions and distract opponents.

Oregon SS

Go For It

[goh] [fawr] [it]

Often shouted from the student section. Exclaimed when fans believe that three chances to advance 10 yards or less was simply not enough and a fourth will accomplish the goal.

True Freshman

[troo] [fresh-muh n]

A student athlete in their first year of college. Often look like they have already completed their entire degree.


Bowl Game

[bohl] [geym]

The end goal for a large portion of college football teams. Teams are required to win at least six games to qualify for a bowl game. Unless there's not enough teams...then you have to be Nebraska...because something about an APR. You know what, forget everything after the first sentence.

Fourth Quarter

[fawrth] [kwawr-ter]

The final of four 15 minute playing periods between the two teams. Known for both making and crushing dreams.


[end] [zohn]

The dance floors of the football field, located at either end.

Ole Miss Gif

Rushing The Field

[ruhsh-ing] [th ee] [feeld]

1. An activity completed by the fans of historical underdogs that involves running past security guards to celebrate on the field with their team.

2. An activity completed by historical powerhouses that makes everyone hate them even more.



When a member of the defense has a good tackle and it hurts the referee's feelings.

Targeting Gif



The man or woman located on the field in a white and black striped shirt that stops everyone from having any fun.

Hail Mary

[heyl] [mair-ee]

A play requiring all receivers to run to the end zone and the quarterback to throw the ball as far as he can. If executed successfully, the hail mary can be one of the most exciting plays in college football.

*See 2015 BYU Cougars

With this dictionary as a starting point, and a few games of college football under your belt, you'll be chanting "We want Bama" in no time!