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Beau Sandland of Montana State Is Selected By The Panthers With The #252 Pick Of The 2016 NFL Draft

A raw prospect at tight end, Beau Sandland could be a surprise player in Carolina Panthers camp.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Going to three colleges during his career, Beau Sandland can become an NFL Cinderella story after getting selected with the #252 pick of the NFL Draft by Carolina.

Sandland came to the sport late and started at the JUCO ranks. He turned that into a scholarship to Miami for his junior season. After one season with Miami, Sandland moved back out west to finish his career with Montana State.

He is an athletic tight end that can add mass to his 6-4, 253 pound frame. He has long arms and big hands, both very nice commodities for a tight end. He is the prototypical seam route tight end that will drive smaller safeties crazy with his size and stride length.

His ability to block on the line of scrimmage versus big defensive ends and quick outside linebackers is there, but he is much better running routes.

Sandland has lots of experience playing basketball and it translates into the way he plays the position. Sandland is a raw player that could turn into something special in the right situation.

Congrats to Beau Sandland and Montana State on sending another FCS player to the NFL.