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Kamu Grugier-Hall of Eastern Illinois Is Selected By The Patriots With The #208 Pick Of The 2016 NFL Draft

Kamu Grugier-Hall of Eastern Illinois is an interesting prospect with lots of potential that could one day star for the New England Patriots.

Coming from the alma mater of Tony Romo, Kamu Grugier-Hall of Eastern Illinois is part of the NFL after begin selected with the #208 pick of the NFL Draft by New England.

Grugier-Hall is an explosive player that has speed to burn at the outside linebacker position. He is also one of the quickest pass rushers with the ability to change direction and speed off the edge when needed.

He does a great job of diagnosing plays immediately and finding himself in the right position to make a tackle. Grugier-Hall is the type of player that the Patriots mold into a special teams star and eventually a defensive role player.

Grugier-Hall must prove that he can gain some weight as he will get man-handled at his current playing weight of 215. Expect him to get to 230 or so before he sees major playing time. If he shows promise, expect the New England coaching staff to find a creative way to use him.

Congratulations to Eastern Illinois and Grugier-Hall on sending yet another FCS player to the NFL.