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Mike Thomas of Southern Miss Is Selected By The Rams With The #206 Pick Of The 2016 NFL Draft

After an incredible two years at Southern Miss, Mike Thomas will be taking his talents to Los Angeles to play for the Rams.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Waiting what felt like forever to hear his name called, Mike Thomas of Southern Miss is headed to Los Angeles to play for the Rams.

Simply put, Thomas plays every play like it is his last play of his career. He is a high motor player with his RPMs in the red for all four quarters. Thomas plays more like he is 6-4 receiver and is not afraid of a little contact in the air. Many scouts had question marks about his productivity during the regular season due to competition, but he was a man among boys with 190 yards receiving and two touchdowns in a bowl game versus a very good Washington defense.

Thomas has gotten much better at running routes throughout his career and looks very smooth on the field. He has the ability to speed up or slow down mid route in order to catch in stride and get the all important yards after the catch.

Thomas has a great situation in front of him with the Rams. They need good receivers and he has a solid chance to make the roster.

Congratulations to Mike Thomas and Southern Miss on sending another Conference USA player to the NFL.