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Harlan Miller of Southeastern Louisiana Is Selected By The Cardinals With The #205 Pick Of The 2016 NFL Draft

A talented player that has to prove he can play on a big stage, Harlan Miller will head out west to play for Arizona.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

After waiting a bit longer than expected, Harlan Miller finally heard his name called in the sixth round of the NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals.

Miller is 6-0 with a nice wingspan, giving him the ability to cover more ground from a single spot. He is a player best suited for a bump and run type of coverage and loves to be physical at the line of scrimmage. Despite his wiry frame, Miller is not afraid or unwilling to get involved versus the run. He is a very solid tackler that usually gets his man to the ground without help.

Because he is from a small school, Miller has that much needed chip on his shoulder to prove his worth on every single play. He is a very hard worker that will find his way on the field in some capacity. Miller also has return capabilities after returning 15 punts as a senior.

Miller is a good fit in Arizona as a future contributor in the secondary. He could find his way onto the field much earlier in some capacity.

Congratulations to Harlan Miller and Southeastern Louisiana on another player in the NFL.