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Temarrick Hemingway of South Carolina State Is Selected By The Rams With The #177 Pick Of The 2016 NFL Draft

A raw player with lots of potential, Tamarrick Hemingway of South Carolina State could be a late round steal for the Rams.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Adding to the previous selection of teammate Javon Hargrave, South Carolina State has another NFL Draftee in tight end Temarrick Hemingway.

Hemingway is like a basketball player on the football field. He is a very fluid athlete that has improved significantly throughout his time with the program. He is a perfect size for a tight end at 6-5, 244 pounds and can be a nightmare in coverage for linebackers.

He fell this late in the draft because he is still such a raw player that need some time to develop on an NFL roster. If he is given the chance to slowly learn how to play tight end and learn to use his bulk in the running game, Hemingway could be a late round steal.

He is the second tight end pic of the Rams on day three after choosing Western Kentucky tight end Tyler Higbee in the fourth round. A combination of he and Higbee could give the Rams one of the best and youngest tight end corps in the NFL.

Congrats to Temarrick Hemingway and South Carolina State on sending another player to the NFL.