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Keenan Reynolds of Navy Is Selected By The Ravens With The #182 Pick Of The 2016 NFL Draft

One of the most impressive players to come out of college football in quite a long time, Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds has been selected in the NFL Draft.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the better moments of the entire 2016 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens made waves in selecting Navy's very own Keenan Reynolds.

Reynolds is a record setting quarterback from Navy that holds all-time NCAA records for total touchdowns and rushing yards by a quarterback. He was named the AAC Offensive Player of the Year in 2015 and led the Midshipmen to one of the greatest seasons in school history.

The question mark concerning Reynolds heading into the draft was a lack of a defined position. He was a quarterback in college, but many expect him to be more of a slot receiver or third down running back in the NFL. He is versatile and talented enough to play either of those positions very successfully at the next level. It is expected that Reynolds will actually play a little bit of both in a Darren Sproles

Baltimore is a very interesting destination for Reynolds as he will stay in state during his NFL career. That is an added benefit for the Navy to allow Reynolds to serve in a non traditional way while playing football on Sundays.

The Ravens also picked Louisiana Tech running back Kenneth Dixon and Cincinnati wide receiver Chris Moore in this draft. Though they are at the same basic position as Reynolds, neither are affect his chances at making the roster.

Congratulations to Keenan Reynolds and Navy on sending one more Midshipmen player to the NFL.