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Joe Haeg of North Dakota State taken by Colts with pick #155 of 2016 NFL draft.

One of Carson Wentz's key protectors with the Bison becomes the second North Dakota State player taken.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After Offensive Tackle Joe Haeg saw his teammate and quarterback Carson Wentz taken earlier in the draft with the second overall pick, it was his turn to hear his name called with pick #155.

A two time All-American with the Bison, Haeg has the distinction of providing protection for a high-caliber quarterback like Wentz. Andrew Luck should feel like he can trust Haeg, a major reason why this could potentially be a great pickup for the Colts.

If Haeg can add some central power and work on his run blocking in camp, it would be no surprise if he was a serious threat to play in his first NFL season.

Congratulations to Joe Haeg and North Dakota State for sending another player to the NFL.