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Tavon Young, Temple, CB: 2016 NFL Draft Profile

One of three Temple defensive players that should get drafted, Tavon Young has a ton of talent in a small package. Which team pulls the trigger and selects him?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tavon Young

College: Temple

Position: Cornerback

Height/Weight: 5-9/183

College Stats: 127 tackles, eight tackles for loss, seven interceptions.

A Maryland native, Tavon Young is one of the players that can take credit for turning Temple from one of the worst programs in the FBS into an AAC contender. Young pulled in honor after honor on the high school level as a two-way player for Potomac High School. Despite being one of the better players in Maryland during his high school career, Young never really got much love from FBS school other than Temple.

Stepping onto the field as a true freshman, Young proved his worth with 12 tackles and two interceptions. He was only one of four freshmen to start a game that season. He added a career-high 51 tackles in 2013 before breaking out with four interceptions as a junior in 2014. Young's stats were not as gaudy during his senior season, but much of that had to do with not many passes thrown in his direction.


Despite holding a size disadvantage, Young plays much bigger and more physical than many 6-0 cornerbacks. He is not afraid to mix things up and lay several impressive hits on receivers and even ball carriers in the run game. Young does an excellent job of getting his arm between the body of the receiver and the ball in order to rip the ball loose for incompletions. He is the type of cornerback that college offenses stayed away from at all cost.

Young is very good at anticipating routes and analyzing the play before it happens. It is clear that he puts in a lot of film work to figure out tendencies of the players he faces. He is comfortable in zone coverage and has the ability to step in day one and compete for a starting spot on the outside or as a nickel back.


If Young were 6-1, he would be a possible first round pick. He has been taken off of several NFL Draft board for no reason other than being 5-9. He will struggle a bit versus the bigger receivers, sometimes necessitating a move to the inside versus slot receivers. Young needs to show a better closing burst of speed than what he had at Temple. He can struggle in man coverage when offenses are allowed to dictate matchups.

Where will Young get drafted?

Despite being one of the shortest players in the entire draft, Young has several teams that are impressed with his ability to make plays. He will never lead the league in interceptions, but Young causes a good number of incompletions with his physicality.

My prediction is for Young to be drafted by the Indianapolis Colts with the #155 pick of the fifth round.