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Georgia Southern and Arkansas State fans have a pissing contest on Twitter.

It appears to have been about their rivary, which I don't think exists.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

So yesterday we told you about Georgia Southern jumping in and having fun - on an "everybody at practice who had pads on" level - with the Running Man Challenge. You will be shocked to know that it kicked up a little dust on Twitter after we posted it. But what happened next, well, I should perhaps just let the tweet speak for themselves.

I had a funny feeling that a low blow like this might lead to a little drama, and I said as much in preparation for what could follow.

I was not wrong. One response took the conversation in a competitive tone, but wound up with a happy ending.

But others, well, they may not have taken it quite so well, and it got a little chippy. Also by god people, learn how to argue.

Right about here I was expecting our own Jeremy Harper to fire off some snark about stAte bowling, but it was not to be,.

So what did we learn? Don't take pot-shots at someone you are pretending to have a rivalry with, because you're not going to have any actual ammo to fire with when the debate about that supposed rivalry begins. Nobody wins here, people.