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Arkansas State QB James Tabary intends to transfer

Conor McGregor wasn't the only one dropping bombs on Twitter last night.

James Tabary is no longer running with The Pack.
James Tabary is no longer running with The Pack.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It was more a less an average Tuesday night. The Cubs were beating the Cardinals. The Spurs were destroying the Grizzlies. And everybody was debating the deeper meaning of MMA star Conor McGregor's mysterious tweet.

"Thanks for the cheese?" What's that supposed to mean? As if that weren't enough Da Vinci Code for one day, sophomore Red Wolves QB James Tabary decided to pop this gem on Twitter:

Tabary had dueled transfer QB Justice Hanson and Red Wolves veteran Cameron Birse all spring for the position behind center. And while neither quarterback seemed to pull away from the pack, the consensus around camp seemed to favor the taller, more mobile Hansen.

Reaction from Red Wolves Universe was one of dismay and warm regards.

There's no evidence of social media tomfoolery here. The Red Wolves have already stricken Tabary's name from the roster, leaving Coach Blake Anderson with only one quarterback who's thrown a pass in an actual game (Birse, with a handful).

Is the A-State quarterback battle over? Tabary's transfer opens the way for Justice Hansen to claim the Black and Scarlet Throne, though word out of camp is that Birse has shown major growth this Spring. Fortunately, we all have a long, hot summer to speculate. Meanwhile, somebody is going to like having Tabary's leadership and big arm in their camp. Thanks, for the cheese, James.


Holy smokes! It appears that Tabary's transfer is might be more than just a player looking to improve his situation.

We'll monitor this as the soap opera unfolds.

Update II

Coach Blake Anderson released a statement concerning Tabary, which does little to end speculation. What did Tabary do? Mail the playbook to Georgia State?