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Javon Hargrave, South Carolina State DT: 2016 NFL Draft Profile

Not many defensive tackles could earn 16 sacks if you gave them 20 games to do so. Javon Hargrave did so in 2014 and added another 13.5 in 2015 with teams focusing on him. He has the attention of the NFL and will hear his name called at the NFL Draft.

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Javon Hargrave

College: South Carolina State

Position: Defensive Tackle

Height/Weight: 6-1/309

College Stats: 37 sacks, 63.0 tackles for loss.

A small school standout that gained attention from the NFL during his junior season, Hargrave was among the best at the FCS level again in 2015. A native of Spencer, North Carolina, Hargrave got some attention from the ACC in Duke and Wake Forest, but neither school wanted to pull the trigger on a scholarship offer due to some academic issues that kept him off the field during his first year at South Carolina State.

Hargrave took the FBS snub in stride and ended up with junior and senior seasons that any defensive tackle in the nation would kill to have. He was a truly dominant player at the FCS level. With doubts about his competition level, Hargrave performed very well at the East-West Shrine game. That performance has aided in his ability to shoot up the draft boards this spring.


Despite his MEAC pedigree, Hargrave has the ability to shoot up the ranks and become the best defensive tackle from this draft in five years. His biggest strength is getting into the offensive backfield, putting up video game numbers for a defensive tackle. He accumulated 37 sacks and over 60 tackles for loss during his time at South Carolina State.

At his best, Hargrave looks like a shorter Albert Haynesworth. Not the Redskins version, but the Titans version that could single handedly destroy the pocket on any given down. Not many players have the ability to completely disrupt the entire offense from the inside, but Hargrave has proven on multiple occasions that he can do that and more.

At 6-1, Hargrave is a much more stout player than he shows on film. He has the ability to play lower than the taller offensive linemen he will face on a daily basis. That gives him an advantage that should even out his lack of arm length.


Hargrave's frame and arm length may allow him to get man-handled at times if he cannot use his quickness to overtake an offensive lineman. When he is stopped in his tracks, Hargrave has trouble getting started again quickly.

As with any player from the MEAC, his pedigree will be counted as a detriment with the Bulldogs playing no FBS teams last fall. Many wonder if his stats were inflated versus the lower quality teams on the schedule.

Where will Hargrave be drafted?

Hargrave is a consensus third round pick. He is the #11 ranked defensive tackle in a very strong group. If Ohio State or South Carolina were next to his name instead of South Carolina State, he would be looking at  being drafted in the 50s.

A team like Cincinnati, Oakland, Seattle, or Minnesota that is willing to wait would be the perfect fit for Hargrave.

My choice is Oakland with the #75 pick.