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Ranking the best head coaching jobs in Conference USA

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Trying to determine the best job in college football is always great offseason fodder. So its only natural that here at Underdog Dynasty we will undergo the same task. But instead of ranking the powerhouses we're gonna talk about the underdogs. The underdogs that reside in Conference USA particularly.

Every G5 school is seen as a stepping stone, but some stones are bigger than others when it comes to giving a head coach that much desired leap to a P5 job. So which stone should you turn over if your looking at jobs in Conference USA?

As Bill Connelly loves to say, some jobs just remain hard and CUSA has a lot them which is what made this ranking fun to do. The conference has a lot of jobs that look great when your about to begin a dynasty in NCAAA Football 14 - RIP, we miss you - but are absolute coaching graveyards in real life.

The factors we considered in this ranking were tradition, facilities, location, budget and other miscellaneous intangibles one decides to choose from a pool of jobs.

But before I begin to start the rundown of the best jobs in CUSA I would like to hear from you CUSA fam! And you Underdog Dynasty!

If you were given a clean slate and all of these jobs were open where would you go? Would you fall in love with the potential that FAU and FIU has to offer while taking advantage of the beautiful South Florida weather or would you opt for the chance at continuing Marshall's tradition on the gridiron and dominate the upstarts that surround you? What factors would you consider the most important? Let us know in the comments!