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UTSA's David Morgan is the Strongest Tight End in the NFL Draft

David Morgan continues to impress NFL scouts in Indianapolis after posting the highest number of bench press reps in the combine for tight ends.

The 6'4", 262 pound tight end is the heaviest in the draft and may be the best inline blocker available. Morgan blew away the competition with an impressive 29 reps of 225 pounds. Second place totaled six reps less at 23, while third place was a whole nine reps behind Morgan. UTSA's first ever draft prospect is the most prepared tight end to block NFL defensive ends in his rookie season.

Morgan isn't just a blocking tight end though. He was primarily featured in UTSA's offense and made some unbelievable catches for a guy his size. He also rocks a killer man bun.

We'll be updating this stream with more updates from Underdogs in the combine throughout the weekend so stay tuned. If Morgan is able to hit a 4.9 second 40 yard dash or under he could sneak his way up teams' draft boards.