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If The Underdogs Were...Pokemon? Yes. If The Underdogs Were Pokemon

SBNation unveiled maybe the most important rankings of the entire 2016 calendar year so far earlier today, as they unveiled which Pokemon best represented each of the 129 FBS schools. Of course, each of the Underdogs were represented.

Look! It's Charmander! If Charmander had the Houston logo for a tail, that is.
Look! It's Charmander! If Charmander had the Houston logo for a tail, that is.

It's okay to admit that you're "too cool," for Pokemon. You've moved on! You have bigger and better things to worry about, like studying or sports or girls. Right? Right? Right?


While, sure, you may not be as in tune with those *mostly* adorable Pocket Monsters as you once were when you spent recess trying to defeat Brock with your Pikachu (that, you realize years in advance, would be a much easier feat if you just train your Caterpie to a Butterfree and Brock loses in three moves), you still have a special place in your heart for that wonderful time when it's all you thought about. Don't believe me? Go ahead, give me at least one line of the Pokerap.

If you even thought to yourself "OH YEAH, THE POKERAP!" then it's a sign that, yes, that was a simpler time, and you miss it dearly.

Well, lucky for you, earlier today the mothership over at released what may be the most talked about list of anything not found on Buzzed for the rest of the year - a list of all 129 FBS football teams as Pokemon.

While you can click on the link above to check out who your team's Poke-spirit-animal is, here are some tweets about it cuz tweets about things are mostly never dull.

Okay, I have to stop there. What a horrendously wonderful pun to end on. Do you agree with the Pokemon designated by your team? Personally, I don't, but that's just because I never really gave Raticate much thought. I was too annoyed with Rattata hoping up ever five steps as I was trying to get, you know, anywhere.