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Georgia State Football: Meet the Recruits - DB Cedric Stone

Today, we start looking more in-depth at Georgia State's 2016 recruiting class.

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The Essentials

Height/Weight: 5-11, 180 pounds

High School (Location): Independence (Charlotte, N.C.)

Position: Defensive back

When did he commit? August 1, 2015

Who recruited him? Defensive Coordinator Jesse Minter

Ratings: Rivals (2-star, 5.2) 247Sports Composite (unrated)

Film Analysis


  • Versatility to play cornerback or safety
  • Zone coverage
  • Ball-hawkish tendencies
  • Solid tackler


  • Man coverage - tends to play off man too much which can allow for quite a bit of separation
  • Only decent speed

What to Expect

Cedric Stone should be a solid player for the Panthers eventually, but he'll need a couple of years before he's ready. As of right now, he's still pretty raw as a player. With his tackling abilities, he could end up at safety, but with his size, he could also play cornerback. I'll say he ends up at free safety.

For this year, I think he's a definite redshirt, but he's coming in with a good class of defensive backs. There's a ton of potential here, but Stone will need to refine himself as a player for that to come through.