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Georgia Southern To Retain Tyson Summers

The Eagles have elected to give the coach another season.

Savannah State v Georgia Southern Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Georgia Southern has released a statement that head coach Tyson Summers will return for another season at the helm for the Eagles.

In the statement, athletic director Tom Kleinlein states that “there are many aspects that are progressing well”.

What are those aspects? Offensive numbers are down in almost every category, and the coaching staff has hamstrung this team at every turn.

In 2014-15, the Eagles ranked No. 1 in rushing offense in the nation each of the two seasons with Willie Fritz as head coach.

This season’s numbers were way down all across the board, and the Eagles ranked 28th in the country in rushing yardage (224.7 per game) and 78th in the nation in scoring offense (26.5 points per game).

Summers is 5-7 in his first season as coach of the Eagles, and has lost 7 of his final 9 games to end the 2016 regular season.

With 24 seniors leaving the team following the 28-24 win over Troy today, I want to see how both the athletic department and a coach that has blocked many unhappy fans on Twitter puts a positive spin on the 2017 football season.

Personally, I think this move will hurt the program for years both from a recruiting and from a wins and losses standpoint. This is exactly what a school like Texas or LSU did last season, giving an additional year to underachieving head coaches until it is confirmed the following year that the coach is a dud.

I haven’t seen these “aspects” that TK refers to, and there is nothing from a statistics or eye test perspective that I think has improved throughout the season, other than our senior kicker who is graduating.

So it is fair to say I share the sentiment of many Eagle fans by saying I am disappointed that we have chosen to go in this direction next season. I don’t see more than five wins on the schedule next year either.