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Houston is Ranked, But Not High Enough

The CFB Selection Committee basically gave Houston a participation award with that ranking.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hey CFB Selection Committee, throw an Underdog a bone why don’t you?

The newest College Football Playoff rankings were released tonight and the Houston Cougars are back in the rankings.... barely.

With the huge upset last week against Louisville it was clear their playoff race was over and that Houston would be back on the list. Houston’s landslide 36-10 victory has redeemed their season in a way and restored faith in the fans.

After that great of a win it was a little disappointing to see Houston only ranked 20th. They are 9-2 and have two blowout wins against top five teams including No. 8 Oklahoma and No. 11 Louisville. Surely that would put them ahead of at least Boise State and West Virginia right? The only logical reason West Virginia is ranked ahead of Houston is because they are a Power 5 team, Houston definitely has stronger wins. Every single team in the top 20 has at least one loss besides Alabama, but a lot of teams with similar strength of schedule have two losses.

The bottom line is sometimes it bites you in the ass to be considered a Group 5 team, aka an “Underdog.” Houston has earned a higher ranking, but because of their conference they got slighted. The Cougars already has enough drama going on with the impending loss of head coach, Tom Herman. Depending on his replacement this could potentially be the last time we see Houston in the top 20 for awhile.