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David Dean to take over playcalling duties for Georgia Southern

The Eagles make a much-needed change.

Appalachian State v Georgia Southern Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

After receiving a 34-10 drubbing by rival Appalachian State last Thursday night, Georgia Southern head coach Tyson Summers has relieved co-offensive coordinator Rance Gillespie of his play calling duties, and turned them over to co-coordinator David Dean.

This was a much-needed change after Georgia Southern saw its rushing totals shrink from an NCAA-leading 363 yards per game in 2015 to 239 per game this season, good for 21st in college football.

Those who have watched this team play since week 1 have noticed that the team has actually taken steps back after reeling off three straight victories to begin the year. If you omit the Savannah State game, this team is averaging 19 points per game, which is unacceptable for how talented the Eagles have been over the previous couple of seasons.

But the big question is: Will this improve the team?

It is tough to say. The offensive line has been very bad this season, and that is not something that is fixed by just calling different plays.

That issue may need to wait until the offseason, when Summers can re-evaluate how the offense is being run under whoever the offensive coordinator is then.

On the plus side, making a move signifies that Summers is willing to make a change if it is necessary, and it has been a long time coming.

The team won’t work out all its kinks this weekend against Ole Miss, obviously, but acknowledging there is a problem is a step in the right direction towards fixing it.