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G5 Games Postponed and Rescheduled Due to Hurricane Matthews

Hurricane Matthew Churns in Caribbean Photo by NOAA via Getty Images

There is a massive hurricane on the verge of hitting the East Coast and it’s starting to wreak havoc on this weekend’s football games. The hurricane has already arrived in Haiti and is slated to arrive in Florida early Thursday morning and make its presence felt on the Atlantic Coast throughout the weekend.

As a result some of this weekend’s football have been rescheduled. Early today UCF announced that their game against Tulane will now take place November 5th rather than Friday night. Old Dominion has moved their game with UMass to Friday rather than play it on Saturday.

FAU has moved their practices to Tampa for the time being but there’s been no word on whether their game against Charlotte, scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, will be rescheduled.

With some schools along the coast in the G5 either playing on the road (FIU at UTEP) or at an earlier date (Georgia Southern at Arkansas State) not too many games will be rescheduled due to Hurricane Matthews.