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Three Things We Learned From The Sun Belt In Week 7

Idaho arrives, Arkansas State is back, and Appalachian State never left.

Miami v Appalachian State Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images

Welcome back, Red Wolves

Always check the schedule. ASU started 0-4 and was written off by many followers of the conference, but those games were all non-conference and the Red Wolves now have their sights set on the #FunBelt. Granted, one of those OOC teams was FCS Central Arkansas, but if fellow Sun Belt member South Alabama can beat a ranked team one week, and fall to ASU the next week, literally anything is possible.

ASU moves to 2-0 in-conference after a decisive 17-7 victory of the Jaguars this week. While not exactly an offensive explosion, the home team pinned the Jags down the whole day, only allowing their first score in the 4th quarter. QB Justice Hansen continues to be the highest-rated QB in the league, even after only 93 yards passing this week. Their adjustments paid off, as their 200+ rushing yards was enough to seal the victory.

Here comes Idaho

This might be a controversial statement, but ULM isn’t very good. And while Idaho beat them last week, they trailed in most every offensive category, and it was only through some lucky turnovers that they even pulled out that victory at all.

This is directly the opposite of the competent way in which NMSU has handled their season. The Aggies were 2-3 (1-1) coming into this weeks game, enjoying their bye week after an OT victory over ULL.

Well, ULL fell off in a big way this week, showing just how unimpressive that victory maybe was. Aggie QB Tyler Rogers was typically solid, throwing for 302 yards, but it was Vandals QB Matt Linehan who was on fire, throwing for 476 yards while the team put up 169 yards rushing. Not a huge number, there, but considering the Aggies rushed for 62 yards, it was enough. Idaho mustn’t rest long, though, as next week they head to Appalachian State. Speaking of which....

Appalachian State is still the squad to beat

The Ragin’ Cajuns weren’t having, like, the BEST season or anything, but not a single #FunBelt follower expected them to go scoreless last week, losing 24-0 to the Mountaineers.

Defense was the key in this one, as the Mountaineers recorded FIVE sacks against an ill-prepared and fading Cajuns program, a program once at the top of the conference but now rapidly disappearing almost entirely behind the newest additions in the Belt.

It didn’t hurt that Taylor Lamb went 15/26 and 201 yards passing, ending the day with a 92.4 QB rating, compared to ULL’s Anthony Davis and his 35.9 QB rating.

Next up for App State is Idaho who will head to Boone, North Carolina, for probably the last time.