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UAB, Coastal Carolina Expected To Schedule 2017/2018 Football Series

We have our first piece of scheduling news for UAB's revival.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The return of UAB Football had another first on Friday from an unexpected source.

In an article going over Coastal Carolina's future scheduling, it was revealed Coastal Carolina and UAB are "expected" to play a non-conference home-and-home in 2017 and 2018. The 2017 meeting will be in Birmingham and the 2018 rematch will be in Conway, South Carolina,  just outsidce Myrtle Beach.

The dates of either gameis currently unknown and haven't been officially announced by either school.

2017 will be UAB's inaugural return season to football. The Blazers will jump right back in to Conference USA and FBS.

The Chanticleers will also be in a transition period with 2017 being Coastal's first in the Sun Belt and FBS. CCU will play 2016 as an FCS Independent, but will play most of their former Big South foes and an gaggle of FCS foes.

For both fans of UAB and CCU, this news will make their FBS football reality that much more real, despite their completely different roads to get there.