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The Numbers Never Lie; The Troy Trojans Have Improved

The 2015 Troy Trojans saw an improved win-loss record, but the team's improvement goes much deeper.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

In Neal Brown's first year as the head man in Troy, the team finished 4-8, a one game improvement over the 2014 team's 3-9 finish. By just casually watching a Trojan game this season, you could easily see major improvements in just about every aspect of the game.

Troy fans have an abundance of reasons to be excited for the future of the program, but some see the team's mediocre 4-8 record and wonder why many Trojan fans are so optimistic after what was technically a below average season.

If you are the person I described above, I've got some numbers for you that should drastically change your opinion.

I myself am one of the nuts who is way too excited about Troy's future, and even I was amazed at just how many areas this team improved over last season.

Troy Offensive Improvements:

  • The Trojans posted 240.8 passing yards per game, 42 more than 2014.
  • 21 passing touchdowns, nine more than a year ago.
  • Sacks allowed down 23 to 18.
  • The team scored 86 percent of the time in the red zone, posted a 78 percent mark last season.

Most of Troy's offensive improvements came from Brandon Silvers and the passing game, and with running back Brandon Burks graduating, the Trojans will need an effective passing game next season.

Troy Defensive Improvements:

  • Points allowed per game drops from 36.2 to 28.3
  • Troy gave up 55 fewer yards per game on the ground. Passing yards allowed per game falls by 7.9.
  • The Trojan defense had 31 more tackles for loss, recording 83 in 2015.
  • The defense sacked opposing quarterbacks on 12 more occasions this season.
  • Troy's defense scored five times, which ranked third in the nation.
Troy's record may have only improved by a single game, but the numbers don't lie. This team was significantly better than the previous year, and if those stats don't prove to you that this team is trending upwards, then I don't know what will.

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