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Tom Herman Rips Apart Houston Reporter On His Own Show

A Houston reporter repeatedly stands by his false story about Coach Tom Herman and then lets Herman on to his talk show. As I'm sure you can guess, the rest isn't pretty.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Herman and the Houston Cougars have a number of reasons to celebrate in 2016. To start, the Cougars made a statement in their 38-24 victory against Florida State in the Peach Bowl a week ago. Then, it was announced that former Texas A&M quarterback, Kyle Allen, will be transferring to Houston to join Herman and the Cougars. Adding Allen to a recruiting class that is already one of the top 25 in the NCAA.

With all of the winning going on in Houston, you'd think it would be pretty hard to kill Herman's excitement. Right? Well, not for CBS Houston reporter John Lopez. In an article from December, Lopez claimed that Allen went to Houston to meet with Herman and another member of the Cougar staff. According to Herman, that was not true. Instead of just denying the claim, Herman went on Lopez's talk show to let him and his co-host, Nick Wright, know exactly how he felt about the incorrect article. Listen for yourself.

Honestly, I was feeling a bit sorry for Lopez midway through the interview. The guy lets Herman come on the show to air out all of his grievances and apparently even made an attempt to call him and explain himself. However, after reading the article, I don't feel sorry for him at all.

For those of you who don't want to listen to the full interview, Herman repeatedly rips into Lopez for his lack of facts throughout the article. Not even five minutes into the interview, Herman creates an analogy to explain how incorrect the story was. "So John Lopez goes out and he reports, giant fire in the city of Houston, dozens of lives lost and million of dollars of damage done. Then it turns out, yeah there was a fire but it was in Phoenix, and nobody got hurt...The fire is right but all of the facts are wrong."

Then Lopez responds with the brilliant defense that the title may have been incorrect but the rest of the article was still true. Wright essentially agreed that his co-host was incorrect in the title by saying, "You can say the headline was completely inaccurate if you're saying the meeting didn't happen in Houston but that's not the story." Both men stick with this defense while explaining that regardless of the wording, the actual story was that Herman and Allen had mutual interest.

UMM, WHAT? The title of the article is, "Former A&M QB Kyle Allen in Houston Sunday to meet with Tom Herman." In the second sentence (which also happens to be the second paragraph) of the article Lopez says that Allen, "met with Herman and, at least one other member of the Houston Cougars staff." Then three sentences later, the article is over. It's more than a stretch to say that your report of a physical meeting in Houston between Allen and Herman is the same thing as simply saying Allen could end up with the Cougars.

By the end of the interview, however, it's clear that Nick Wright is the biggest loser of the verbal exchange. After overzealously jumping to his partner's aid throughout the interview, Wright decides to question Herman's analogy skills. "While your definition of the word meet was quite interesting, your fire analogy doesn't, to me, pass anyone's smell test." Confused by the statement, Herman asks Wright what a "smell test" is. To which Wright responds, "Is that a real question?"

That would be the end of any chance that Nick Wright survived this interview without getting torn apart by Coach Herman. On Wright's own show, Herman asked him, "Who are you man? How old are you? Are you like 19?." What compels someone to defend an incorrect article all the way to the point that you get embarrassed by one of the best coaches in the NCAA on your own show?

After the interview, Wright took to Twitter in an attempt to Coach Herman on the so-called "smell test"

However, Wright quickly learned that behind every great man, there is a great woman that will be savage on Twitter if you mess with her husband.

Watch out Currys, the Hermans just might be the new relationship goals.