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A Pre-National Signing Day Peek At The 2016 Arkansas State Red Wolves

National Signing Day is on Wednesday, February 3rd, but there's no reason you can't start contemplating the future of the Red Wolves right now.

Cameron Echols-Luper is set to debut for the 2016 Red Wolves
Cameron Echols-Luper is set to debut for the 2016 Red Wolves
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

If your savage heart pumps even a ounce of human blood, you will want need some pre-National Signing Day information to fortify you for Wednesday's fax-machine driven madness. After all, you want to sound learned when ESPN asks you about the Red Wolves roster, right?

Well, good luck with that. The roster is free-flowing and ever-evolving and highly opinionated (for example, my recruiting ratings are from a single sources, Rivals). The 2016 recruitment list is an impressive but fragile thing, prone to late de-commitments and P5 poaching. I can only promise to guide you as well as a man with limited mental faculties can.

Who Are We Bringing In?

Bad asses, that's who: some of the toughest and meanest hombres in this solar system or the next.

Name Position Rivals Ranking Height Weight LOI Location
BJ Edmonds ATH 3-stars (5.4) 5'11" 190 Mobile, AL
Shawn Thomas WR 3-stars (5.5) 6'0" 190 Miami, OK
Christian Booker WR 3-stars (5.5) 5'11" 185 Y Dodge City, KS
Justice Hanson QB 3-stars (5.6) 6'4" 220 Y El Dorado, KS
Justin McInnis WR 3-stars (5.6) 6'6" 200 Y Dodge City, KS
Jamal Fontenot OL 2-stars (5.3) 6'5" 300 Y Kilgore, TX
Kyle Wilson LB 2-stars (5.4) 5'11" 225 Y Hutchinson, KS
Javonis Isaac TE 2-stars (5.3) 6'3" 220 Lafayette, LA
Sean Brown OL 2-stars (5.4) 6'3" 305 Pleasant Grove, AL
Jacob Atnip OL 2-stars (5.3) 6'5" 303 Sheridon, AR
Troy Elliot OL 2-stars (5.3) 6'4" 290 Flower Mound, TX
Trenton Ellis-Brewer LB 2-stars (5.2) 6'2" 205 Daphne, AL
Logan Bonner QB 2-stars (5.3) 6'2" 190 Rowlett, TX
Landon James-Wilson DB 2-stars (5.3) 6'0" 180 Fort Scott, KS
Torrance Marable ATH 2-stars (5.4) 5'9" 180 Decatur, GA
Joe Sanders DE 2-stars (5.3) 6'4" 260 Highland, KS
Jeremy Smith DB 2-stars (5.3) 5'11" 160 Atlanta, TX
Jacob Still OL 2-stars (5.3) 6'1" 282 Memphis, TN
Ben Sukut ATH 2-stars (5.4) 6'1" 185 San Juan Capistrano, CA
Brandon Bowling WR 2-stars (5.4) 5'9" 168 McKinney, TX
Aromond Weh-Weh RB 2-stars (5.2) 6'0" 205 Scottsdale, AZ
William Bradley-King OLB 2-stars (5.4) 6'4" 230 Kansas City, MO

Who stands out? Justice Hansen was a highly touted QB recruited by Oklahoma. But with Baker Mayfield ahead of him on the depth chart, Hansen went JUCO before making a commitment to the Red Wolves. Also intriguing, WR Justin McInnis, another JUCO, is 6'6" – a big target who should be ready right away.

Of the recruits on the list (so far), only one is local: 303'lb offensive lineman Jacob Atnip from Sheridan, AR. The A-State coaching staff raided Kansas out of two high schoolers and four JUCOs, and we garnered talent from a mix of states: Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Ben Sukut, a promising ATH out of California, hails from the locale farthest from Jonesboro.

The Transfers are Tee'ed Up

Is this an A-State transfer list or a freaking All-Star team of genetically engineered super soldiers? LOLJK, we know it's the A-State transfer list. There are some pretty talented dudes here, yo.

Transfers Activated POS Rivals Rating Height
Dee Liner DE 4-stars (6.0) 6'3"
Kendall Sanders WR 4-stars (6.0) 6'1"
Cameron Echols-Luper WR 3-stars (5.7) 6'0"
Ben Benton OL 3-stars (5.5) 6'5"

Dee Liner (Alabama), Cameron Echols-Luper (TCU), and Kendall Sanders (Texas) are the headliners of this bunch, but don't forget about Ben Benton. The 300'lb OG was a walk-on for Arkansas even though he received a scholarship from Memphis. He transferred from the Razorbacks and, per NCAA rules, sat out his 2015 season. The Red Wolves always need bulk on the frontline.

Red Shirt Rebellion

When the red shirts come off, the party is on!  The Red Wolves left a ton of talent on the sideline 2015, and it's like receiving an extra awesome team on top of the awesome team you already have.

Red Shirts Removed POS Rivals Rating
Omar Bayless WR 3-stars
Jamal Jones RB 3-stars
Darveon Brown WR 3-stars
Daryl Rollins-Davis RB 2-stars
Jaylon Marshall WR 2-stars
DJ Pearson QB 2-stars
Avery Johnson LB 2-stars
Jai Knight DB 2-stars
Kirk Louis LB 2-stars
T.J. Harris DE 2-stars
Cameron Davis OL 2-stars
Dalton Ford OL 2-stars
Javier Carbonell DL 2-stars
Sterling Wright LB 2-stars
E.J. Sutton DL NA
Carson Coats QB NA

I love OL Cameron Davis, a farm-strong offensive lineman out of Bryant, Arkansas. His father, Isaac, is a former offensive lineman for the San Diego Chargers. I can't wait to see what effect a year with strength coach Matt Shadeed has on Davis. WR Omar Bayless, one of Anderson's steals of the 2015 recruiting class, is also a player to watch. Daryl Rollins-Davis is thought to be one of the fastest players on the roster, and dual-threat QB DJ Pearson is a dark horse in the QB battle.

Notes and Pure Conjecture

The A-State coaching staff is far from done. Several prospects are expected to visit campus this weekend. At this stage in the game, a campus visit is essential to sealing the deal.

Monsters Never Sleep. Coach Anderson and his mad staff are stil blanketing the region to secure commits. It should be be very interesting in Jonesboro for the next few days.

Four More Years? Tajhea Chambers, the dynamic freshman linebacker who seemed unstoppable before an injury early in the season, has applied a red shirt status for the 2015 season. The coaching staff is awaiting a ruling from the NCAA.

Weekend Updates

Monster parts on on campus this weekend.

A little reminder to recruits that A-State is a Bowling school.

A-State's Worthy!

Howl Yeah, Dab Right. (Derrick Worthy, Dajon Emory, Mike Daniels and Vada King on an official visit.)

A-State Made an Offer To Some Kicking Muscle...

...and to these guys.