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BENDING NEWS! Arkansas State rescues OL Coach from the Canadian tundra!

Coach Blake Anderson dispatched a St. Bernard with one of those whiskey barrels around his neck to fetch Allen Rudolph from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

Arkansas State discovers its OL coach in the frozen tundra
Arkansas State discovers its OL coach in the frozen tundra
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News broke on Twitter this afternoon that Coach Blake Anderson has found his new Offensive Line Coach, Allen Rudolph, formerly of the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Before trekking to the unforgiving arctic, Rudolph had plied his skills with Samford, ULM and Nicholls State, among other warm-weather campuses. Admittedly, Rudolph's credentials aren't familiar with most Red Wolves fans, as is the evolutionary purpose of a Tiger-Cat.

One needn't consult with National Geographic to glean truth in this statement. One only needs to trust that Coach Anderson has finally found his man to lead an offensive line charged with protecting what appears to be one of A-State's most promising quarterback squads in years. Former Red Wolf and current CFL lineman Bryan Hall approves:

That's good enough for me. But does the hire satisfy the criteria set forth by at least one hard-to-please Red Wolves fan?

Welcome to the warm embrace of the Pack, Coach Rudolph.