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Arkansas State Red Wolves Retooled Staff is Temporarily Derailed

Two new additions to the Red Wolves football staff defect after only a few weeks on the job.

It's Groundhog's Day for Blake Anderson
It's Groundhog's Day for Blake Anderson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Less than two weeks after I posted this story about the Red Wolves hiring of Offensive Line Coach Darren Hiller and Running Backs Coach DeAndre Smith, both have left the program. With only nine days before National Signing Day, the defections could not come at a weirder time.

Smith unexpectedly left Jonesboro for the Purdue Boilermakers. The faithful discovered this aggravating truth while perusing an otherwise ordinary day on Twitter.

Red Wolves fans took a very dim view to Smith defecting to the downtrodden Boilermakers. A very dim view:

What makes Smith's rejection even more hurtful is that he had been entrusted with the secret location of Coach Anderson's mystical snack cabinet.

If anything turns up missing from that cabinet, Arkansas State campus police will be dispatched to Purdue. Meanwhile, circumstances are even stranger surrounding former Cincinnati OL Coach Darren Hiller who never even made it to Jonesboro.

Nobody seems to know what spooked Hiller, who appears to have vanished off the face of the earth. I listened to a recent interview with Coach Anderson, who spoke briefly about the incident. He did not seem thrilled with the way Hiller left. But at least we have a second opportunity to fulfill at least one outstanding qualification:

Now the quest that had seemed to have come to an end has begun once again. Coach Anderson will have to dig deeper into his address book to fill the vacated positions. If the Red Wolves on campus are worried about the strange turnover, it hasn't affected their low-carb diets.

However, Coach Blake Anderson wasn't 100% satisfied with the A-State Gun Show.

You can't please everyone.