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Twitter Reacts To Todd Monken's Departure From Southern Miss

While the football world was focused on Manning vs. Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used that time to announce they had lured Southern Miss' head man to Central Florida (the area not the school) to assume the Offensive Coordinator position.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Southern Miss was arguably the most pleasant success story in Conference USA last year, if not all of G5 football, but now they find themselves in an unexpected place - without a head coach.

The most immediate reaction was the reminder that National Signing Day is right around the corner and how bad this might be for the Golden Eagles.

Southern Miss fans had mixed feelings, but for the most part, it was a lot of thanking Monken for his tenure.

What? I said "mostly" positive.

And, finally, USM beat reporter Jason Munz was on the scene for the press conference from Southern Miss' side of things.

So, the next question is, where does Southern Miss go from here for a head coach?

Short and sweet. It appears, even though NSD is within sight, the Golden Eagles don't want to rush this and choose the right guy.