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Georgia State Football: Way-too-Early Look at 2016 - The Receivers and Tight Ends

Today, we're looking at the wide receivers and tight ends.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Wide Receivers

Who's Gone: Nyiakki Height, Donovan Harden, Kristian Collins, Avery Sweeting

Who's Coming In: Jonathan Ifedi (already enrolled), Matlin Marshall (already enrolled), Eric Elder

Outlook: The biggest loss here is Harden.He was third on the team with 39 catches for 725 yards and five touchdowns. He also averaged a team-best 18.6 yards per catch. Night had eight catches for 122 yards and Sweeting had one 43-yard catch.

Coming back, the key player here is freshman All-American Penny Hart, who had 71 catches for 1,099 yards (15.5 ypc) and eight touchdowns. The Panthers also return rising-senior Robert Davis, who had 61 catches for 980 yards (16.1 ypc) and six touchdowns. The key to success for this group will be the new quarterback. Breaking in a new quarterback is never the most easy thing to do, so these receivers will need to build a rapport with the new quarterback quickly to establish the chemistry needed for success.

Tight Ends

Who's Gone: Joel Ruiz, Clay Chastain

Who's Coming In: N/A

Outlook: The Panthers aren't losing much at tight end. Chastain didn't do anything this past year and Ruiz had just four catches for 38 yards. The main tight end last year was Keith Rucker, who will be a senior next year. Last season, Rucker had 39 catches for 522 yards (13.4 ypc) and six touchdowns. In addition to Hart and Davis, Rucker will also need to build chemistry with the new quarterback.

Joining Rucker will be some combination of Bill Teknipp and Ari Werts. Last season Werts hauled in five catches for 84 yards, and Teknipp had two catches for 12 yards.