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Get to Know UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson with And The Valley Shook

There will be a new face on the Roadrunners' sideline in 2016.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

UTSA introduced their new head coach Frank Wilson yesterday to much fanfare and excitement. Early reports from recruits and their parents were overwhelmingly positive and it's easy to see why. At a meet-and-greet event last night Wilson took the time to shake the hand of each attendee, making a strong impression on the fans and boosters in attendance.

In an attempt to learn more about UTSA's new head coach we reached out to our buddies at SB Nation's LSU site And The Valley Shook to get their impression of Frank Wilson. Thanks to Adam at ATVS for helping us out.

Jared: Were you surprised to see Coach Wilson make the jump to the head coaching level? How do you think he'll fare as a head coach?

Sort of, yeah. I always assumed there would be a stint as an offensive coordinator before making the jump to head coach, but on the other hand he's been the assistant head coach and a constant on the staff for five years now and he's outlived relatively a lot of turnover on the staff at LSU.

I think if he's willing to drop a lot of trust into his DC, he can do fine at a school like UTSA. He's close enough to LA where he'll still be familiar with the woods and the recruiting. There will be no shortage of talent in the Alamodome in coming years. If that talent can translate into wins is the question.

Jared: As a three time national recruiter of the year what do you contribute Wilson's incredible success on the recruiting trail to?

You'd have to asked the players that, but I think Wilson just "gets it". He seems highly keen to what the kids are feeling and they seem to react well to him. He played at St. Aug for Nicholls State, coached at OP Walker and Edna Karr, and served as Director of Athletics for the New Orleans Public School System. Wilson is as New Orleans as brake tags and Randazzo's, so it's easy to see why the genetically mutated freaks produced there respond to him so well. It doesn't hurt that one of his recruiting pitches at LSU was "watch the games on Sunday and count the LSU players". I'm not sure if UTSA can pull off something like #NFLSU.

Jared: How will Wilson be remembered at LSU? Do you see a possibility of him returning to LSU as a head coach as Tyrann Mathieu predicted?

That honestly depends. UTSA really is the guinea pig for Wilson. If we're going to break down and be honest, Les Miles is not far from retirement. Ideally, when he does retire in 1-3 years, LSU is going to look for a proven head coach who will be here for a while. And unless Wilson turned UTSA into a Boise or Baylor in that time frame, I'm not convinced he'd be the right man for the job. I love him as a coach and will forever be thankful for what he pulled in his last three years at LSU, but right now I don't see it happening in the near future.

Jared: As a Louisiana native I figure there's a good chance Wilson has several Lil Boosie tracks on his iPhone. Which Boosie track do you feel best personifies Coach Wilson?

Set It Off no doubt.