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UTSA Introduces Head Coach Frank Wilson

The Roadrunners' new coach expects "all hands on deck" to build up UTSA's program.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

UTSA athletic director Lynn Hickey scheduled a press conference this afternoon to introduce her second head coach hire to an over-capacity room full of local media outlets.

After opening remarks from school president Ricardo Romo, Coach Wilson spoke eloquently about his excitement for the job. Wilson remarked on the potential of the university, saying that UTSA is a "sleeping giant" that has shown flashes of greatness in the past but has not yet been fully awaken.

Wilson stressed patience in the process of building his staff, noting that his staff may not be completely in place until after national signing day. This seemed to indicate that Wilson would not be retaining the current staff as was rumored.

When asked how his offense will look at UTSA, Wilson mentioned that he had watched the Roadrunners' offense on film and expressed a desire to keep a spread offense in tact. Wilson said that he would like to avoid "dink and dunk" in the passing game by extending the field vertically to create explosive plays. He used the word "assaulting" to describe his desired physicality in the run game.

I was most impressed with Wilson when he addressed his recruiting technique. He said that he sought to create a genuine "kinship" with recruits by modeling how to be a good man and a good father. Wilson said that his recruiting process works around the calendar season in an attempt to have a recruit on campus as often as possible. The days of UTSA waiting months to extend scholarship offers are over.

Wilson used the term "all hands on deck" to explain his expectation that all members of campus must work to create a welcoming environment for potential student athletes, whether it be a football coach or a cafeteria janitor. I just hope that doesn't include Twitter users.

Coach Wilson was very impressive and poised. Just hearing his voice for the first time made it clear that he will have no trouble getting his current players and future recruits to buy in. Wilson speaks genuinely and eloquently with a strong, booming voice that sounds presidential.

Now that Coach Wilson has been introduced he will immediately hit the recruiting trail as he works to build out his staff.