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North Texas Head Coach Seth Littrell Showcases His Twitter Skills

After Mean Green fans suffered through a tough 1-11 season, new head coach Seth Littrell is getting them excited again in 140 characters or less.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Seth Littrell has created quite the buzz around North Texas football ever since the announcement of his hiring in early December. A program that could not get over 10,000 people to show up to a home game towards the end of the season suddenly has fans excited about getting to be back in Apogee stadium this fall. The hype is very impressive considering the rough season that the Mean Green just finished.

So how exactly does coach Littrell get fans so excited for the future of Mean Green football? Is it his ridiculously impressive past offensive performances? Could it be his charisma and his very "down to earth" vibe? While there are a number of ways that Littrell could get a fan base excited, one has become very evident over the past few weeks. The man is a genius with 140 characters or less.

Personally, I don't know of any other head football coaches that casually tweet Slim Thug lyrics that relate to their football program. This quote comes from rapper Slim Thug's song, "Chuuch" (I didn't spell that incorrectly). While technically the quote is from a sermon by pastor Joel Osteen, the tweet shows the laid back personality of the new face of the Mean Green. In just under 140 characters, anyone that was on the fence about Littrell immediately bought in.

Even former Mean Green player and current Cleveland Brown, Craig Robertson, liked what he read.

Littrell and his staff have not only used Twitter to quote popular rappers. The crew created an account to keep track of their daily progress and success for fans to follow. Numerous members of the coaching staff have begun to use the hashtags, #UNTouchable and #SoarWithTheMeanGreen, both from their personal account and the staff twitter account.

It's a nice change for Mean Green fans to see their head coach and his staff  interacting through social media with the faithful fans that have stuck around after such a deflating season. The use of Twitter may also give recruits another avenue to see what the coaching staff is working on throughout the offseason.

The Mean Green open their season at home against rival SMU. Although twitter accounts and hashtags don't score touchdowns, you can expect that they'll get people excited to see if North Texas can really be #UNTouchable.