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Underdog Dynasty's Official New Mexico State Football Drinking Game: Round One!

'Til we wobble in our shoes!

what why are you going that way #16 have you been watching aggievision
what why are you going that way #16 have you been watching aggievision
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER: We at Underdog Dynasty do not condone binge drinking or other forms of irresponsibility when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Feel free to participate in this game if you are of age to do so; if at any point in time you feel like continuing to play the game will not be in your best interest for any reason whatsoever, be the bigger person and step away.

As we have mentioned previously, after watching a New Mexico State Aggies football game on Aggievision, their in-house production, we decided it was probably worthwhile to make such a broadcast into a drinking game to make it more palatable. Then we found out that all five NMSU home games would be broadcast by said in-house crew, and we decided to turn this into a best-of-five series.

First, your general, week-to-week rules. These will likely be present on a weekly basis, however we are always open to suggestions for rule changes.


  1. Every time you hear "Eggies," take a sip, but only a tiny sip.
  2. If an opposing player's name is pronounced incorrectly, take a drink.
  3. If a vague comment is passed off for analysis by the color guy, take a big drink.
  4. When down and distance gets stuck on the wrong numbers for more than one play, take a shot.
  5. When the announcers accidentally say that NMSU has a winning record, take a shot.
  6. When the announcers completely miss an obvious penalty call and go silent with dumbfounded confusion for 10 seconds, take two shots.
  7. Any time an advertisement for Casa de Autos appears, two options: if you are in a group, social (everyone in your group drinks); if you are by yourself, drink for the duration of the commercial.
  8. Any time a crowd shot includes a person with a neck tattoo, drink twice. If multiple people in the shot have a neck tattoo, finish your drink.

Then, of course, it only makes sense to also have a few rules that are directly related to that week's opponent. This week, it's the 0-for-FBS Georgia State Panthers.

GAME-SPECIFIC RULES (for Georgia State):

  1. Any time an announcer refers to Georgia State as "Georgia Southern" or "the Eagles", take a shot.
  2. Any time an announcer directly/indirectly refers to Georgia State's zero FBS wins, take a shot.
  3. Any time the announcers talk about any popular musician GSU alum, take a double shot (this includes but is not limited to Ludacris, William DuVall of Alice in Chains, Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band, and Will Turpin of Collective Soul).

Let's do this, people. Last one standing is a rotten Eggie!