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New Mexico State Smashed By Florida 61-13: Game Recap

We pretty much knew how this one was going to go, but the high and low point of it all were a definite surprise.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As our own resident pundit (see what I did there, Charles) predicted, this game was the usual brand of ugly for New Mexico State. This was a lopsided matchup from the get-go, but the Aggies at least kept things interesting for a while. Their performance peaked when this right here happened:

That's Tyler Rogers hitting Teldrick Morgan for an over-the-shoulder, back-corner fade of a one-footed touchdown, the stuff of Sportscenter Top 10 lists. On fourth and six, no less. I say that was their peak because the Aggies proceeded to miss the extra point, and then the second half happened.

NMSU ran a grand total of 17 offensive plays in the second half. Those 17 plays netted a total of 14 yards. That touchdown pass by Rogers? It came on a drive that saw him complete passes of 31 and 40 yards - and outside of that, he was 12-for-25 for 57 yards. That is very poor.

It looks like the Aggies have something in the Rogers-to-Morgan connection, and we already knew what they had in Larry Rose III, which will bode well at homeagainst a far more porous pass defense in Georgia State.

Know what else won't happen in their next two games, both of which will be at home? This:

I hate to make a joke here about the Aggies getting their shit together for their game next week, because first they need to get it all back (and/or replaced), and then safely get themselves home. Nothing about this game was particularly surprising, but it was nice to have Morgan emerge as a legitimate downfield threat that they will likely look to exploit next weekend.

And yes, there will be a drinking game.