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Arkansas State vs. USC: Up All Night Survival Kit

Arkansas State vs. USC doesn't start until 10pm CST, which is a time many Arkansans haven't seen since Johnny Carson retired. But never fear. Underdog Dynasty will keep you awake with the ultimate stimulant: penetrating information!

Michael Chang/Getty Images

It was a good opening week for Former Red Wolves Head Coaches.

Nobody wants to be the Fredo of Former A-State Head Coaches. Bryan Harsin chalked up a tough win against his former mentor Chris Peterson, beating Washington 16-3. The next day, Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss shamelessly punished Tennessee-Martin 76-3, and Gus Malzahn and Auburn made Bobby Petrino an even sadder man.

Of course, Bobby later regained his composure and made it uncomfortably close for Malzahn, who eventually took the 31-24 W back to The Plains.

A-State Made A Cameo Appearance on ESPN College Gameday.

A show that's mostly a three-hour stroking of the Power Five, A-State nevertheless broke the velvet rope with an appearance on Bear's Bank segment.

The One and Done Era Got Grantlanded

This week, Grantland profiled Arkansas State and the One And Done Era that somehow didn't destroy (but enhanced) the Red Wolves football program. It's a good read.

Red Wolves Football Produced This Charming Travel Video (YOU WILL BE CHARMED!)

One USC Twitter account dangerously underestimates Warren Wand

In a land owns and dominated by diminutive actor Tom Cruise and any number of surprisingly short A-Listers, you'd think USC would know better than to judge a man's star power by his size.

Idaho and Georgia State Failed to Deliver #SunBeltHeat

The Vandals and the Panthers both opened the season at home, and against winnable opponents. Both lost! It was miserable! Georgia State failed to capitalize on Charlotte's FBS inexperience, electing instead to lose in new and unusual ways. Meanwhile, Idaho lost to Ohio because Idaho.

ESPN unleashed this madness

ESPN is pretending every college football team has a fair shot at making the College Football Playoffs by creating nifty "Are You In?" graphics for all teams, including this thing for the Red Wolves.


Personally, I appreciate the effort, love the optimism,  and I don't mind the styling. I'd exchange it for more representation on the College Playoff Committee, though.