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Troy, South Alabama Spice Up Rivalry Game

The rivalry between the Troy Trojans and South Alabama Jaguars is a big one within the respective fan bases, and the two schools have taken steps to up the appeal even further.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Troy Trojans and South Alabama Jaguars are each of the respective school's biggest rival, and the matchup has just gotten even bigger. As if the history that Larry Blakeney has created for Troy and the excitement that Joey Jones has brought to Mobile aren't enough, they've now taken things a step further.

The two teams have added a trophy to this year's contest, as well as giving the rivalry a name.

The game will now be known as the "Battle For The Belt." The winner of Saturday's game will receive a large, wrestling-style belt. Observe:


Troy head coach Neal Brown, who will be making his Sun Belt Conference debut this Saturday against South Alabama, is a fan of the changes made to the rivalry.

"It's a natural rivalry game. It's a game where a lot of our guys know theirs, and vice versa. We're close in proximity. We play in the same conference. We battle on the recruiting front a lot. I think it's worthy of a trophy."

He is not the only one who responded positively:

That's right people, even Dan Wetzel didn't crap all over it.

That said, not everyone had a positive response:

Oof. Low blow, Karamel Korn.

So, there you have it. Oh, bonus points for this one, both teams are aware of and are excited for this trophy to be awarded and passed back and forth. I'm looking at you, Bob Diaco.

The two teams will play Saturday at 6:00 PM Central Time in Troy, Alabama.

Watch out though, the gauntlet has already been laid down: