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Underdog Dynasty Week Four GameThread

welcome to underdog dynasty saturday. come join in on the fun - Jon Bois, if I had asked him to write this piece

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome one and welcome all! What we've got ourselves here is a GameThread for JUUUUST about every game under the umbrella of the mighty Underdog Dynasty. I say "just" about every game because there are a few teams that might not fit under our coverage. Just a reminder of those teams that we dedicate time and care to:

  • American Athletic Conference (sans Cincy and UCONN, who are over at Down the Drive and UCONN Blog, respectively)
  • Conference USA (sans UTEP, who are over at Miner Rush)
  • Sun Belt Conference
  • Army
  • But, honestly, if you want to slip a comment or two about UConn or UTEP, that's fine with me. Just don't tell the managing staff.

    Anyway, this is your forum. If something catches your eye, stop by and let us know. Have something funny to say? Let it rip! Just follow the guidelines set before you when you signed up for the community, but other than that you're golden.

    If you want to provide us with commentary or play-by-play of your game (whichever game that might be), that is more than welcome as well.

    Again, this is your forum, we're just living in it.

    Let's football.