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Cincinnati Bearcats vs Memphis Tigers Final Score Quickie Recap: Tigers Escape with 53-46 Win

A game that started ugly ended with a million offensive fireworks and a decisive favorite has emerged atop the AAC West.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Holy crap people. This one was insane at so many times and for so many reasons, I could barely keep up. And that was without any drinking games.

Think about the bedlam that was this game. These two teams combined for 1,324 yards and 99 points. The losing quarterback didn't start the game and still threw for 557 yards and four touchdowns. This concept just blows my mind.

We will have more on the injury to Bearcats starting quarterback Gunner Kiel, the insane performance of his true freshman fill-in Hayden Moore, and the skill of Paxton Lynch later on when we've had a few minutes to digest everything, but for now, one thing matters a whole lot more than any other.

The Memphis Tigers are 4-0 overall, 1-0 in conference play, and are most definitely the odds-on favorite in the AAC West right now, at least until they run into Houston and Navy a month or so from now.

Cincinnati, on the other hand, should be just fine on offense no matter who is playing quarterback, as it turns out. Whether they as a team will be fine is less certain, as their schedule now turns to a home game against the Miami Hurricanes and a road trip all the way to BYU after that.

Between the scoring, the hitting, the injuries and the... well, the air guitar (you'll see) there's a lot to unpack from this game, so stick around and we'll have a whole lot more over the next day or so.