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Anti-Paul Petrino Flyers Appear on University of Idaho Campus

Great moments in sports journalism happen here.

Oh good we have a libel vs. slander debate on Twitter already I'm sure that'll be productive.
Oh good we have a libel vs. slander debate on Twitter already I'm sure that'll be productive.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Paul Petrino era at Idaho has not been the most stable or successful of tenures, and it looks like at least one Vandal fan is fed up with him. That person caused a stir on the UI campus on Tuesday, as flyers denouncing the third year head coach adorned lampposts and buildings all over institution.

The flyers happen to be amazing for myriad reasons.

  • The title. Bold, italics, underline, all caps, two exclamation points AND size 48 font. Somewhere, PFTCommenter just had a single proud tear roll down his cheek for reasons he can't describe.
  • "Barely beat Wofford, an FCS team that went fucking 6-5 last year." But hey, Idaho has six wins too! Since 2011.
  • "Physically attacked a reporter." Well, the "physically attacked" part is in question, but a coach losing his damn mind on a reporter sure isn't a great look.
  • "bitch ass brother Bobby." I find that combining alliteration and cussing like you're a sassy drunk southerner really assists in getting one's point across.
  • "Brings national shame to Idaho as the Petrino name is a running joke in the college football world." Point of order: The terms "national shame" and "Idaho (football)" had already shacked up together in a quiet little cabin in the Palouse Hills well before the Petrinos pulled up on their motorcycle looking for some hot four-way action, brah.
  • THE FOOTNOTES LINKING TO DEADSPIN. Because citing your sources as a college student is always important.

And now, some reactions from Idaho and, you guessed it, Boise State twitter.

Oh I get it a livestock joke

Ah, yes. The overly litigious online legal expert.

And from there, a debate about the finer points of slander vs. libel and the legal standards for each takes off and--*FART NOISE*

Anyway, just watch the first 10 seconds of this video and you'll get the gist of it.

The logical progression for this incident would be for Paul Petrino to find out who posted these flyers and beat him unconscious with a giant victory bell, so stay tuned for updates on this developing and incredibly important story.