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5 Worst Losses in UTSA Football History Ranked

Fresh off a good ole fashioned whipping, I decided to take a look at some of UTSA's worst losses of the past five years and rank them. Because I hate myself.

UTSA players attempt to recover one of UTSA's seven turnovers against Oklahoma State
UTSA players attempt to recover one of UTSA's seven turnovers against Oklahoma State
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

1.) September 10, 2011 McMurry: 24-21

UTSA lost more than just a football game against McMurry. The then-Division III West Texas program returned a blocked punt for a touchdown before using a last minute Hail Mary heave to rob UTSA of not just a win but also the program's starry-eyed optimism, just a week after the Roadrunners established the program with a strong win over Northeastern State (Oklahoma). The Roadrunners have certainly suffered losses by larger point differentials and on bigger stages, but none affected the trajectory of the program or inflicted fans with more pain.

2.) October 25, 2014 UTEP 35-0

In a season full of painful losses and embarrassing performances, none stick out quite as obtrusively as this beatdown by conference rival UTEP. Riddled by injuries to quarterbacks, UTSA turned to third-string Austin Robinson. He, uh, didn't have a good day, completing just six passes out of 20 attempts. That was good for a whole 32 yards. The Roadrunners didn't even cross the 50 until the last drive of the game. Goodness gracious. Spanish highlights cause we have 'em.

3.) September 19, 2015 OSU 69-14

At risk of recency bias, last week's demolition at the hands of Oklahoma State was bad enough to finish in the top three. The Roadrunners committed SEVEN turnovers en route to the worst point differential in school history. While nice, the score will linger in fans' memory for quite some time. The Roadrunners have never looked so hopeless or futile. Again, SEVEN TURNOVERS.

4.) September 27, 2014 FAU 41-37

This one doesn't look too bad on paper but when you look at the context the loss really stings. Swelling with confidence after a hot start to the season, UTSA's dreams of a Conference USA championship started to fade after this heart breaker. Kam Jones returned a kick to the FAU red zone to give the Roadrunners a chance at heroics but a short pass to the end zone fell incomplete, setting the tone for the remainder of a disappointing season.

5.) September 28, 2013 Houston 59-28

Even to this day I'm still frustrated by this loss. Following a bizarre trick play in which WR Kam Jones failed to connect with a wide open Eric Soza in the end zone, UTSA lined up to kick a field goal to tie the game against an undefeated Houston in the third quarter. A Cougar defender broke right through the line to block the kick, leading to a touchdown return. UTSA brought it back to within a score on the following possession before completely melting down in the fourth quarter. It was a game of near misses and "what if"s that have seemed to define this program through its early years.