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FAU Football Is Still Bad. But Things Can Change. Maybe. Probably Not.

Root for your Owls. But things aren't looking good right now and they could possibly get worse if they don't beat Charlotte. Not being negative, just being honest.

Charlie Partridge is 3-12 in two years as FAU's head coach.
Charlie Partridge is 3-12 in two years as FAU's head coach.
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The FAU fan base right now is upset, antsy, and wants answers. NOW.

Honestly, I can't blame them. After last week's deflating 33-15 home loss to Buffalo in which the Bulls' defense outscored the Owls' offense 23-15 via three touchdowns and a safety, a familiar feeling began to resurface about the football program.

The sky is blue. The grass is green. FAU football is still bad.

Nothing's changed.

As a fifth year senior at FAU I have yet to see a winning team. The fan base has gotten hungrier and hungrier for FAU to produce a winning product. That's a far cry from where the fan base was a few years ago when I first landed in Boca Raton.

No longer do the FAU students feel apathy towards the team when Howard Schnellenberger roamed the sidelines. Or embarrassed about the team amid Carl Pelini's drug scandal. Charlie Partridge has brought enthusiasm and pride to the FAU football program since being hired as the head coach with a promise that wins will come.

So some things have in fact changed. Well, except for the product on the field.

So far Partridge three wins and a bunch of infuriating losses on his resume.

Now I know what a few of you are going to say. "There are no quick fixes to a rebuild." "We were without Jaquez Johnson. If he plays we win that game."

That may be true. Besides, In just his second year on the job, calling for Partridge's head would be premature.

But that doesn't hide the fact that this team is still being plagued by the same issues that led to a 3-9 season - against a schedule that was much more challenging by the way - last year. Turnovers, a lack of execution, and an inability to close out teams are still bugaboos for the Owls.

In the last two games FAU has committed 10 turnovers. That's ridiculous. The team was a plus four in the turnover department and had a 10-point lead entering the fourth quarter against Tulsa but was unable to come away with a win.

With non-conference play essentially over, FAU enters conference play winless with stiffer competition still on deck as Marshall, Rice, and a visit to Western Kentucky still looms for the Owls.

Suffice to say, things could get really ugly for FAU.

Or things could turn around.

Despite a disappointing 0-3 record to start the year, a new season will begin for the Owls when they travel to FBS newcomer Charlotte this week to begin conference play.

Theoretically speaking, all of their goals remain in tact. A conference championship is still attainable.

The turnover machine the Owls have turned in to happened in Johnson's absence. I have a hard time believing the turnovers will continue with him back as the signal caller. Remember how great the offense looked against Tulsa. The defense has looked much better in their last two games as well.

So some progress in the show of wins should be on the horizon for the Owls.

FAU failed to capture their first road win under Partridge against Tulsa, but will have an excellent opportunity to start their new season with a road win against Charlotte. Yes, the same Charlotte team that allowed MTSU to score 42 points in the first quarter.

The Owls absolutely must beat Charlotte. Win that game and FAU will be 1-0 in conference play with two weeks to prepare for a home game against Rice.

FAU football still has a chance to change its reputation this season.

Or they could go winless and bring in a new head coach.