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Arkansas State Head Coach Hands Out Tickets (And Joy) to Drive-Thru Workers

As a man who once worked fast food drive-thru, I like seeing a customer hand out football tickets instead of hurling insults or potatoes or jars of apple sauce know what? I'm tired of reminiscing about my career as a fast food worker.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas State head football coach Blake Anderson attacks his job with relentless good cheer, which is evident in this amusing video of Anderson traveling to fast food joints all across Jonesboro, dishing out positivity and free football tickets to unsuspecting drive-thru workers.

Fast food is a $191B industry in this country, and its nice to see grunts on the frontline receive some value for their hard work. Even if it's a free ticket to a 70-7 thrashing of Missouri State.