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Three Things We Learned About Week Three Conference USA Football

So many yards, so many points, but no real front-runner just yet.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

1 There is no clear favorite to run away with either division, but quarterback play could decide it

Brandon Doughty entered this season as the quarterback for the rest of the conference to emulate, but at least in a numbers sense, he's not alone at the top. Jeff Driskel, Nick Mullens and Brent Stockstill have all looked impressive in their own right so far, and Driphus Jackson has been no slouch either.

This massive wad of 2-1 teams (who have gotten there against a wide variety of opponents) may not fully sort itself out until conference play really kicks into high gear (I see you, WKU - Rice), but the possibilities are endless until then.

2. That favorite is most definitely not Florida Atlantic or North Texas

For Florida Atlantic, life without Jaquez Johnson is a struggle. Jason Driskel isn't terrible, but he is definitely young, and DEAR LORD CAN SOMEONE GET THEM A REAL KICKER. Of their nine first-half possessions, seven crossed the Buffalo 35 yard line, four crossed the Buffalo 25 yard line... and they scored seven points. They wound up losing by 18 in a game where they surrendered three defensive touchdowns and had two scoring drives despite reaching the Buffalo 25 or better six times. I'd like to think they'll beat Charlotte, but who knows.

North Texas, meanwhile, has been outscored 69-37 in two games and still has Iowa, Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Marshall, Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, and Southern Miss on their schedule. Their offense looks like it hasn't improved much beyond Andrew McNulty's ability to throw deep to Carlos Harris, which is only so useful when your defense is surrendering 500+ yards per game. I mean, things are so bad that FCS Portland State is not, I repeat IS NOT, the most winnable game left on their schedule. That honor belongs to UTEP, which is at best a track meet UNT will hope to win in order to avoid a winless season.

3. No matter what, there's going to be a whole lot of offense

Western Kentucky is averaging 468 yards per game on offense. This is good enough to rank 39th in the nation in yards per game, but only 6th in their own conference - out of 13 teams! On the flip side, Florida International has the best defense in the conference on a yards-per-game basis despite being only 35th in the country in that category.

After three weeks, it would appear that North Texas and possibly Florida International are the only two teams who won't be hanging gobs of points and yards on the board on a weekly basis, which should at least make the 2015 season fun, if not necessarily pretty.